What is this?

Japanese automakers’ fuel efficiency technologies are said to be world leading, and this product is one of the products that contribute to such leading technologies. Vehicles run using energy generated by rotating movements converted from pistons pushed out by the explosive power created when igniting gasoline within cylinders inside engines. To prevent engines from overheating, cooling water flows inside water jackets surrounding the cylinders. The flow volume and speed of the cooling water are uneven depending on the spot, leading to uneven temperatures of the cylinder wall surface. The uneven temperatures lead to uneven metal expansion, which creates slight distortion on the cylinder wall surface and causes energy loss in the movement of the pistons, thereby resulting in deterioration of fuel efficiency.
Water Jacket Spacer is inserted in the water jacket to control the flow of cooling water and maintain an even temperature on the cylinder wall surface, which makes the piston movements smooth, resulting in improvement in fuel efficiency. The image below shows the difference between using or not using Water Jacket Spacer in heat transfer distribution on the cylinder wall surface shown by colors.
Within the trend of increasingly strict fuel efficiency regulations, the number of vehicle models for which Water Jacket Spacer is adopted is increasing at domestic automakers. Harnessing our technology to retain an even heat pattern, we will continue to support people’s comfortable car lifestyles.

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