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Vibration Control Material “METAPLUSTM Multi-Layer Shim” that Stops “Squeaking” from Brakes

The image left shows METAPLUSTM Multi-Layer Shim, our representative brake shim product, placed between the brake pads of a vehicle. The shim, which looks like sunglasses, can prevent squeaks caused by stepping on the brakes, and is indispensable for comfortable driving.
Although brake noise itself does not necessarily affect a vehicle’s basic performance, this issue has been addressed by automakers because such noise 1) hinders comfortable driving, 2) could give the driver the wrong impression that something is wrong with the vehicle, and 3) is disturbing to others. Because brake shims are attached to the disc brake pads, which experience radical temperature changes and vibrations, high vibration control performance and high durability are strongly needed.
We have unraveled the mechanism of “break squeaking” and developed the proprietary METAKOTETM* which is a compound material with rubber and metal, as well as heat resistant adhesives. By combining these materials, we have controlled brake squeaking with our various products such as METAPLUSTM Multi-Layer Shim, METAPLUSTM adhesive shim and METAKOTETM shim, each of which is suited for respective uses.
All domestic automakers and numerous overseas automakers have adopted our brake shim products. Drawing on our technology to block uncomfortable noise, we will continue to support comfortable car lifestyles.

*METAKOTETM: rubber-and-metal compound of a thin metal plate of which both sides or one side is coated with thin rubber of several dozen microns

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