What is this?

Resists High Temperature and Pressure, Prevents Liquid and Gas Leaks

The left diagram shows the cross-section of VORTEXTM gasket mounted between metal pipes. Although it may look like just a mere ring, it is actually a high-performance product that can resist high temperature and pressure.
VORTEXTM gaskets are made by layering thin metal hoops and cushion material called fillers alternately, which are wound repeatedly in a spiral shape, making layers. A VORTEXTM gasket is placed between the flanges located at the joint of two pipes and fastened tightly with bolts. These layers tightly fit with the flanges and stop liquid and gas leaks from the pipe joints.
We have supplied VORTEXTM gasket since 1952, which has been used in various industries such as petroleum refinery, petrochemical, power plant, gas and automobile industries. Although VORTEXTM is the name of our product, it is generic in these industry for spiral shaped gaskets, showing the high level of recognition and trust of this brand.
We have supplied not only VORTEXTM gasket but also many different types of gaskets. Harnessing our technology to block liquid and gas leaks, we have continued supporting various industries.

Gasket: A material that stops leaks of movable parts such as faucets is called “packing,” whereas a leak stopping material used for stationary parts such as pipe joints is called a “gasket.” A “seal” is a general term that refers to parts that stop leaks including gaskets and packing.

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