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President’s Message

Our company was founded in 1896 as a pioneer in the field of heat and thermal insulation in Japan.Since then, we have been providing products and services based on our unique “Insulation and Protection” technologies, which we have cultivated over 120 years, to the key industries of each era, including shipbuilding, petroleum refining and petrochemicals, electric power, construction, automobiles and semiconductors.Looking at today's business environment in which our group has grown through such transitions, rapid digitalization, shifts in the way people work, and environmental issues such as global warming are drastically changing society at a different speed than ever before.Our Group must also change in line with society.

The Group's products and services have the power to make significant contributions to address major social issues such as global warming and other environmental problems, as well as the realization of a sustainable society.

By using them as thermal insulation materials, rock wool products contribute to a decarbonized society and the prevention of global warming by reducing energy use.In addition, by using them as soundproofing materials, they contribute to the improvement of the social environment, such as noise prevention.VOC concentration and treatment equipment using filter products efficiently prevents air pollution.

In regards to safe and secure living, gaskets and other sealing materials support the safety of social infrastructure by preventing fluid from flowing out of pipes and other facilities.Fire proofing covering materials protect human lives by preventing buildings from collapsing in the event of a fire.

I believe that the Group's stable performance can be attributed to the fact that we provide products and services required by society in a timely manner.

Therefore, we will continue to be a company that is needed by our stakeholders by providing our Group's products and services promptly and reliably based on the three principles of creating new added value by integrating our proprietary technologies and unique business models based on “Insulation and Protection” technologies, selecting and concentrating our businesses and efficiently operating businesses through the use of digital technologies.

We would like to thank our stakeholders for their continued support and to please look forward to the future of our Group.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Katsumi Kametsu