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Low-friction, non-cohesive fluoro elastomer

Rubber O-ring Fluoro-Plus

TOMBO™ No. 2670-FA-F

Fluoro-Plus is a special fluoroelastomer that maintains the chemical resistance and heat resistance of a regular fluoroelastomer but has significantly improved wear resistance and non-stickiness.
Fluoro-Plus is different from outer membrane coatings and is a product that undergoes treatment by way of a surface improvement method. As a result, it maintains its attributes over the long term and it experiences no peeling of the surface layer.

Chemical-resistant fluoro elastomer

Rubber O-ring Fluoroelastomer FB

TOMBO™ No. 2670-FB

Fluoroelastomer FB is a ternary fluoroelastomer with improved chemical resistance due to Nichias’ proprietary compounding technologies. It has excellent resistance against high-temperature acids and steam for which a general-use fluoroelastomer cannot be used. There is very little metal elution and it has excellent purity. A high-performance fluoroelastomer that is excellent value for money.

Rubber O-ring

Rubber O-ring

TOMBO™ No. 2670

A self-seal type rubber O-ring that is made by putting various rubber elastomers into a mold and machining both ends together into a circular shape.
In addition to a shaft seal (packing), it is also fitted into grooves and used as a gasket. It adapts well even with a small clamping load, and can seal against a vacuum pressure up to a high pressure of 25 MPa.

Sanitary use gasket


TOMBO™ No. 9014-A/-B/-BW

The TOMBO No.9014 SANICLEAN GASKET is an easy-to-use SANICLEAN GASKET that has an elastic rubber gasket surface covered with a PTFE resin film that has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and contamination resistance, thereby taking advantage of the benefits of both rubber and PTFE materials. There are two types available: TOMBO No.9014-A for threaded joints and TOMBO No.9014-B for ferrule.

Rubber molded gasket (PTFE-cladded)


TOMBO™ No. 9013/9013-D

A gasket that is made with rubber as its core material and molding a PTFE film before applying pressure and heat to bond them together. It is a gasket with excellent sealing performance that combines the elasticity of rubber with the corrosion resistance of PTFE. EBILON GASKET is best suited for the applications of parts that are not subject to much clamping force such as PVC pipes and glass-lined pipes.

Rubber molded gasket (solid rubber product)


TOMBO™ No. 9013-EP/DEP

A gasket made by pressure molding a single piece of rubber into a cross-section shape that offers an even lower surface pressure and stable sealing performance than a rubber seat gasket. Nichias recommends using this product for parts with mild usage conditions and that do not require much chemical resistance.

Rubber cut gasket


TOMBO™ No. 1050/1051

A low-pressure-use gasket that can seal at the lowest possible surface pressure thanks to the elasticity, recoverability, and adaptability of the rubber. TOMBO No.1051 is reinforced with polyester fabric and so there is less flange protrusion. It is, however, inappropriate to use TOMBO No.1051 when sealing against gas.