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Personal Information Protection Policy

NICHIAS Corporation (hereinafter, "this Company") recognizes that appropriately protecting information that can identify individuals (hereinafter, "Personal Information") is socially responsible as a company, and therefor is promoting the following initiatives:

  1. Basic Policy regarding Personal Information Protection
    1. This Company, as a matter of course, observes the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information (2003 Law No. 57)" and the laws and ordinances related thereto, and strives for the proper protection of Personal Information based on the spirit and intent of these laws and ordinances.
    2. This Company strives for the appropriate protection of Personal Information by the maintenance of in-company regulations concerning the management of Personal Information, thorough publicizing to and implementing education and enlightenment activities for employees.
  2. Policy concerning the Acquisition and Use, Etc. of Personal Information
    1. This Company shall acquire Personal Information by legal and fair methods.
    2. This Company shall specify the purpose of the use of Personal Information as specifically as possible and shall not use Personal Information for a use that exceeds the use purpose without the prior agreement of the person concerned (However, the foregoing shall not apply if permitted by laws or regulations.)
    3. This Company shall devise appropriate measures to prevent the loss, alteration, disclosure and the like of Personal Information.
    4. This Company shall not provide Personal Information to third parties, except when jointly used within the scope of the purpose of use within the Company’s group companies, without the prior agreement of the person concerned. Furthermore, when there has been a request from the person concerned, notice of the use purpose, the disclosure and correction of content, use suspension and other appropriate measures will be taken (However, the foregoing shall not apply if permitted by laws or regulations.)
    5. This Company, when delegating the handling of Personal Information to an outside party, shall take appropriate measures such as entering into an agreement providing for the management responsibility of the relevant Personal Information and the like.
  3. Inquiries Contact
  4. Inquiries concerning the handling of Personal Information shall be addressed here:
  5. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction
  6. The interpretation and application of this "Personal Information Protection Policy" shall be controlled by the laws of Japan. Furthermore, the Tokyo District Court in Japan shall be the court of first instance having exclusive jurisdiction with respect to all disputes related to this "Personal Information Protection Policy".
  7. Language
  8. The Japanese language version is the official version of this "Personal Information Protection Policy", and when a difference of content or a difference in meaning and interpretation has arisen between the Japanese language version and versions prepared in other languages, the Japanese language version shall be given preference in application.

October, 2013
NICHIAS Corporation

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